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What is included:
  • 1 hours working in the studio
  • Step-by-step techniques shown
  • Take home master piece

Preschool art class

To explore imagination and develop love of creativity and learning

Art class for 4-5 year olds is a fun and creative space where kids explore colours, shapes, and textures through simple art activities like finger painting and drawing with crayons, poster paint or through cutting and pasting. It's a hands-on way for them to express themselves, develop fine motor skills, and build hand-eye coordination. In this playful environment, children can make friends, share their artwork, and gain confidence. Art class at this age encourages imagination and lays the foundation for a lifelong love of creativity and learning.

Book a trial class

Please join us for a trial class. What is a better way to get the experience than actually doing it. No commitment, one-time trial class is available. Cost of a trial is $50, and $20 will be credited when you enroll. Materials for the session included. Fill out the form, and we will contact you for booking time. 

packaged plan

  • Young Explorer Art 10 classes

    +$50 Admin Fee
    Valid for 6 months
  • Young Explorer Art 20 classes

    +$50 Admin Fee
    Valid for 3 months
  • Young Explorer Art 40 classes

    Every month
    +$50 Admin Fee
    Valid for 12 months
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