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Perfect for

What is included:
  • Private 1:1 session
  • 1 hour working in the studio
  • From basics techniques to experienced levels 
  • Take home master piece

adult art class

To relax, express and stimulate creativity

Art benefits adults in a multitude of ways, serving as a conduit for self-expression, stress relief, and personal growth. Engaging with art, whether through creating or appreciating it, can be a therapeutic process that allows individuals to navigate complex emotions and find solace in creativity. Art stimulates cognitive functions, encouraging problem-solving and innovative thinking, and can even contribute to improved mental health by offering an outlet for relaxation and mindfulness. Ultimately, art has the power to enrich lives by providing a platform for exploration, connection, and personal development. Contact us to see latest schedule.

packaged plan

  • Adult Art Classes- 5 Lessons

    Valid for 3 months
  • Adult Art Classes - 10 lessons

    Valid for 6 months
  • Adult Art Classes - 20 lessons

    Valid for 12 months
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