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What is included:
  • 1.5 hours working in the studio
  • Step-by-step techniques shown
  • Take home your master piece

couple's art Workshop

Create a unique date and make memories that last forever!

Get in the trend of viral Fluid Paint Art or mirror painting and unleash unlimited creativity! Give your date night a brand new idea and unlock a new and deeper passion for connection with each other. This is an easy, beginner's craft project, perfect for those with no previous skills. Just bring your loved ones, curiosity, and creativity.

In this workshop, guided step-by-step by our teacher, you will learn how to use pouring paint and decorate a pair of 23cm tall bears or a pai
r of canvas or enjoy a mirror painting workshop. Every unique fluid project is one of a kind. No remakes, no copies, just based on your imagination and creativity. We have a range of pouring paint and different add-ons to choose from (colours vary each workshop), which means you can express your own unique vision in style!

Share a beautiful, creative experience with a loved one and keep the memory forever. There's no better way to spend a day, join the community, and share the love of making things beautiful! Get ready to get messy and learn all about fluid paint pouring. We recom
mend picking up your fluid bear after 24 hours of drying time. 



Fluid Bear Workshop

  • Sat Jan 27th 11:00am

  • Sat Feb 10th 2:30pm

  • Sat Feb 11th 2:00pm

  • ​Sat Feb 16th 7:00pm

Fluid Canvas Workshop

  • Sat Jan 27th 2:30pm

  • Sat Feb 10th 11:00am

Mirror Painting Workshop​

  • Wed Feb 14th 10:00am

  • Sat Feb 24th 11:00am

  • ​Thur Mar 7th 10:00am

  • Sat Mar 9th 11:00am


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